Selling your GoPro has never been this easy!


Not only do we make it safe, we also save you a lot of time.

Our company owns and operates a group of niche businesses that make selling valuable devices safe and easy. With the proliferation of scammers on classified sites in SA, our offering has been a hit success.

Not only do we make it safe, we also save you a lot of time, and as we all know, time is money. How much time and money do you sacrifice running around meeting potential buyers when selling something? We think it’s a waste and we make use of couriers, around SA, that will collect the device you want to sell at a time that is convenient to you.
Many of our clients have complained about the unbelievable amount of scammers on the South African classified sites and they find it hard to figure out if a potential buyer is legitimate or a scammer. We have developed our network of “buy back” websites as an answer to this problem.

See how much we could offer for your GoPro

*We will not accept stolen devices and will hand your details over to the police should you send us a stolen device. You will be liable for all courier costs. The same goes for sending us fake or ITC listed devices.