Selling your GoPro has never been this easy!

Terms and Conditions

Buying of GoPro Devices:

Any stolen GoPro devices sent to us will be handed over to the SAPS with the sender’s details.

If you send us a damaged or broken GoPro, we reserve the right to attempt to repair it on the day we receive it, or get quotes on having it repaired. We will then discuss the quotes and revise our offer to you before processing your payment.


The offer your receive on the website is not binding on It is still our decision whether to buy the GoPro or not. We retain the right to refuse purchasing the device. If we receive a GoPro that we decide not to buy, we will return it to the owner by courier, at our own cost.

If we receive a device that is significantly different to what was described in the seller’s submission form, a new offer may be made to the seller. Should the seller decline the offer, a courier fee of R250 will be payable to return the device.